Mario Carli, Futurists and Arditi, 1 January 1919

Mario Carli, one of the most representative of Italian Futurism, founded the association between the Arditi d'italia in Rome.

At this time the Futurist intellectual is still official of these assault departments, which had played an important role in the last stages of the Great War on the Italian front, not only as elite units but especially for the particular spirit of Body that animated them, that for Carli made them the futurists of the war.

So Carli would have defined the Arditi, in the libretto we Arditi published a few months later:

I see in the Arditi the triumph of a modern and very Italian youth, not broken by skepticism and rodent experiences. The explosion of a race of powerful instincts: powerful muscles banded with vibrating nerves, unscrupulous and acuminata intelligence, heart and veins overflowing, liver and stomach sanissimi, unexhausted desire to march in the head: wherever you go, whatever Danger await us 1.

No wonder that Mussolini was to host, a few days, after the manifesto of the Association on the pillars of the people of Italy, the newspaper with which he had for some time asserted that, to solve the problems of post-war Italy, would Had to establish itself a trincerocracy of fighters and producers.

Many members of the association between the Arditi formed by Carli, moreover, would then participate on 23 March 1919 to the founding of those bundles of combat with which fascism would have moved its first steps in Italy: Renzo De Felice underlines in fact That "the acceptance by Mussolini of the Ardito-futurist approach meant the acceptance of the methods of struggle of the Futurists and the Arditi" 2.

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