July 19, 1992:13 Questions of Fiammetta Borsellino

Twenty-six years ago, on 19 July 1992, Paolo Borsellino, and the policemen of his escort Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina, Claudio Traina, were killed in an attack in via D'Amelio in Palermo. Today we know that, to cover the real principals and actuators of the massacre, acted important structures of … read more

Potential and limits of Italian populism

Our five readers will have noticed the long silence of clarissa.it in recent months. Too many events were confirming the analyses that our newspaper has produced in the now three lustres since its inception, from the events of the Middle East to those of our home-so we seemed to not have to do anything but … read more

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