Mario Carli, Futurists and Arditi, 1 January 1919

Mario Carli, one of the most representative of Italian Futurism, founded the association between the Arditi d'italia in Rome. At this time the Futurist intellectual is still official of these assault departments, which had played an important role in the last stages of the Great War on the Italian front, not only as elite units … read more

The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty: a European History (second part)

The first resounding changes in the USSR were not delayed to arrive, with the perestroijka of Gorbachev. The Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) When the final victory in the Cold War was now obvious, it came in 1987 to the signing, by Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Secretary, of the Treaty called the Intermediate … read more

The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty: a European History (first part)

The Cold War, the subsequent détente, the dissolution of the USSR have always left, on the subject of armaments, what the experts called at the time a “grey area”, a grey area in which the nuclear wars become possible. Is that of weapons variously called: Nuclear forces of theatre, tactical nuclear forces, short-range weapon systems, … read more

Debt is worth three times the world's work

We are distracted by the echoes of an electoral campaign that carefully avoids touching the really important issues. Yet there are news that should really make us jump in the chair: the relief that is given is very scarce. Much more disturbing than the fact that in the Web Tadmines colossal lies, is that it … read more