Does Israel intend to attack Gaza again?

Israeli news sources explicitly talk about the fact that the Israeli armed forces (IDF) are preparing for a “significant escalation” in the south. According to them, the IDF chief of staff, Gen. Aviv Kochavi, when taking office, gave instructions that the IDF should increase its preparation for a military campaign in the Strip. of Gaza. … read more

Israel tests long-range missiles in Alaska

As repeatedly stressed on these pages, we have been witnessing for months a growing strengthening of the military apparatuses throughout the Middle East, in the silence of the Italian press, which generally only reports what happens on the side of the “bad guy” – Iran. Still missiles in the Middle East In fact, on Friday, … read more

A law makes Israel the state of all Jews

Approved on 19 July 2018, with a very narrow margin of votes (62 to 55) by the Israeli Knesset, the fundamental Law on the Jewish state has the value of a constitutional law, as can be seen from the provisions of the final article (art. 11). There are many observations that could be made on … read more