The silent Wars of the Middle East

Last September 4, senior officers of the Israeli army held a press conference that had very little echo in the Italian press. In this meeting, in fact, the Israeli military claimed to have attacked and hit 202 Iranian targets in Syria over the past two years, using over 800 bombs and missiles to hit them: the military pointed out on this occasion that the Targets were mainly weapons deposits, bases and military infrastructures, which in several cases the Iranians would then have been forced to abandon. An unprecedented statement, demonstrating the state of war in fact existing in the Middle East between Israel and Iran on Syrian territory, despite the military presence of Russia and the United States in the region. On September 17, then, a Russian Ilyushin Il-20 was shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft missile, near Latakia, on which there was yet another Israeli aerial action. The killing, which caused the deaths of 15 Russian militaries, provoked harsh protests from the Russian government, which stated that it believed that Israeli forces had recourse to electronic warfare systems that used Russian aircraft as " Shield "to cover the course of return of the Israeli fighter-bombers. In particular the Russians argue that, 19 minutes after the attack on Latakia, one of the Israeli combat aircraft in the return route would be dangerously approached to the Ilyushin, inducing the Syrian anti-aircraft to identify it wrongly As an enemy. A hypothesis that was obviously denied by the aviation managers of David's star, who reiterated the high level of attention they lend to not hitting Russian forces. However, the fact that this event has been produced just when Russia has just announced its intention to equip the Syrian ally with the anti-aircraft missile system S-300, could suggest a real "warning" of Israel. Moreover, the Israeli spokesman has, however, Lapidally concluded his reconstruction of the event by reaffirming that "IDF [Israeli Armed forces] will continue to act in accordance with the policy-level directives, in the presence of increasing Iranian attempts To settle in Syria and arm Hezbollah with increasingly precise and lethal armaments. " The Silent War, therefore, is destined to continue, thanks to the US support to Israel and to the indifference of Europe. The fact that senior Israeli officials have publicly reported it can also be understood as the preannouncement of possible escalation.

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