July 19, 1992:13 Questions of Fiammetta Borsellino

Twenty-six years ago, on 19 July 1992, Paolo Borsellino, and the policemen of his escort Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina, Claudio Traina, were killed in an attack in via D'Amelio in Palermo. Today we know that, to cover the real principals and actuators of the massacre, acted important structures of the Italian state, as today begins to be documented even in the judiciary. We believe that the best commemoration is simply to reproduce the 13 questions posed by the daughter of Judge Borsellino, Fiammetta, in a recent press article. They give the whole measure of how much the existence of our country has been and continues to be conditioned by the same centers of power which, since the years of the Second World War, made the Mafia a weapon in the hands of the Allies against the sovereignty and the Freedom of Italy. 1. Why did the local and national security authorities not put in place all the necessary measures to protect my father, who after Falcone's death had become the number one goal of our own? 2. Why was a prosecution of such a large scale chosen by magistrates who had no competence in the field of Mafia? The office consisted of the chief Prosecutor Giovanni Tinebra, the substitutes Carmelo Petralia, Annamaria Palma (from July 1994) and Nino Di Matteo (from November ' 94). 3. Because via D'Amelio, the scene of the massacre, was not preserved-thus allowing the abduction of my father's red agenda? And why the former PM then parliamentary Joseph Ayala, among the first to see the stock exchange, has provided contradictory versions on those moments? 4. Because the PM of Caltanissetta never thought to interrogate the chief prosecutor of Palermo Pietro Giammanco, who had not informed my father of the note of Ros on the "Tritolo arrived in the city" and had also denied the coordination of the investigations on Palermo, which Granted only on the day of the massacre, with a call at 7am? 5. Why in the 57 days between the capable [killing of Judge Falcone] and via D'Amelio, the PM of Caltanissetta never summoned my father, who had said publicly that he had important things to report? 6. What is still in the archives of the old Sisde, the Secret Service, on the false repentant Scarantino (indicated by intelligence as close to mafiosi) and its prompter, the former head of the mobile team of Palermo Arnaldo La Barbera? ". 7. Why the PM of Caltanissetta did not deposit in the first process the comparison made three months before between the false repentant Scarantino and the true collaborators of justice (Cancemi, of Matthew and the Barbera) that disproved it? The confrontation was deposited two years later, in 1997, only after a battle of the defendants ' defenders. 8. Because the PM of Caltanissetta were accommodating with the continuous retractions of Scarantino and never made the comparison between the false repentant of the investigation (Scarantino, Candura and Andriotta), from whose interrogations was evinced a gradual adjustment of Statements, so as to make them converge towards the only version? 9. Because the PM Ilda Boccassini (who participated in the first investigations, between June and October 1994), signed together with the PM Sajeva of two harsh letters in which he distanced himself from colleagues who kept believing in Scarantino, authorized the police to do Ten investigative interviews with Scarantino after the beginning of his collaboration with Justice? 10. Why was it never made a report of the police survey with Scarantino in the garage where he said he stole the 126 then turned into a car bomb? Why didn't the PM ever ask for it? And why didn't any magistrate think he was attending the site? 11. Who is really responsible for the minutes with the margin of the ink annotations delivered by Inspector Mattei in Scarantino? The policeman stated that the sole purpose was to help him to review: how is it possible that until the cassation the judges considered this justification plausible? 12. On July 26, 1995 Scarantino retrused his statements with an interview with an open Studio. Even before the interview aired, the PM Palma and Petralia announced to the press agencies the retraction of the retraction of Scarantino, anticipating the content of the minutes made that evening with the false repentant. How did they predict it? 13. Because Scarantino was not entrusted to the Central Protection Service, but to the group directed by La Barbera, without any request and authorisation from the competent judiciary? ".

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